Facts About Lentils

Lentils are the full pack of fiber, nutrition’s and protein. It has bunches of benefits, and we should be thanked to have lentils. If it says that lentils are the God of all foods would not be wrong. There are many reasons of why we should add lentils in the diet.

Nutrition Facts

Lentils, whether cooked or boiled, are the source of protein, calcium, iron, thiamin, folate, phosphorus, potassium, copper and manganese, vitamin B6, pantothenic acid, magnesium, and zinc. Lentils are rich in seven Minerals which boost you up and no fats in it.


All lentils are rich with fiber both insoluble and soluble. Both are essential for the body it makes you feel full for a longer time and good in weight loss too. This is good for digestion and heart disease as well. It prevents constipation and maintains the cholesterol level.

Good for Heart

Lentils are the one which meet the requirements of magnesium in your body and makes your heart healthy. A good amount of lentils in your daily routine strengthens the arteries walls and prevent the heart strokes.


Food takes a big portion from the budget while lentils are comparatively cheap. This is also a benefit that it is budget friendly and everyone can afford it along with bunches of healthy benefits. Must include lentils in your list while preparing your grocery.

Easy to Prepare

In this hectic and busy lifestyle, we all try to find out short ways and lentils are the ones. A bean often needs to be soaked overnight and takes 3 to 4 hours to cook despite this fact lentils take less time.  It takes 25 to 30 minutes under pressure cook, and you don’t need to stir continues as well just leave it and do your work. Lentils take double water approximately like for 1 cup of lentil you need 2 cups of water. We have green, black, yellow, pink and brown lentils with different amazing flavors. Each has different benefits, and you can also do a variation with lentils like making salad and soups as well.

First, rinse the lentils to make sure there are no rocks in it and wash it thoroughly. Boil it by adding double water in it and then low down the heat and let it boil for half an hour. You don’t need to add a lot of spices in lentils just salt, turmeric and chili according to your taste because lentils have its own delicious flavor.

Health Benefits

  • It maintains the blood sugar level.
  • It boosts up the iron level especially for menstrual women who suffer from iron deficiency should eat lentils to maintain iron. This is good for adolescents and children which help in growing up.
  • It is good for the heart because it has a sufficient amount of folate and magnesium which strengthen the walls of arteries and prevent heart attacks.
  • In order to lose weight, you can also go for lentils because they don’t have fats and makes you feel full for a long time.